Google providing free WiFi in San Francisco parks

If there's anything better than WiFi, it's free WiFi, but that's usually hard to come by in public places, but that's quickly changing. San Francisco has been desperately trying to get with the times for a few years now, and thanks to a large chunk of money donated from Google, the city will be implementing WiFi into its public parks.

At least 31 parks in the city will get free WiFi, and Google's $600,000 donation will cover the costs of the equipment, installation, and maintenance for the WiFi for two years. After, we're not sure what will happen, but it's nice to know that residents in the city can go out and get free WiFi where available, thanks to Google and the government.

Of course, this won't cover the entire city with WiFi, but many of the popular locations around San Francisco will have free WiFi available, and the network will be added on to the city's current WiFi offerings at San Francisco International Airport and City Hall, with hopefully even more places to come in the future.

City-wide WiFi was first proposed back in 2007, but that was eventually shot down when the city couldn't come up with the necessary resources to make it happen. However, this may be the first step into making that plan possible afterall. However, it's anyone's guess as to how San Francisco will continue to fund the project after Google's donation runs dry, but we're guessing they'll work something out.


IMAGE CREDIT: Idleformat