Google Project Stream beta codes are rolling out

JC Torres - Oct 7, 2018, 9:57pm CDT
Google Project Stream beta codes are rolling out

Want to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey but don’t have the console for it? Not in the mood or in the market to buy one just yet? There is a way now, but you’ll have to pray that the Fates are smiling on you and you are one of the very few lucky ones that have been accepted into Google’s Project Stream beta group so that you could play the game right from your Chrome browser. Which you could, of course, get for free.

Browsers have become quite the powerful beasts, being able to practically run an operating system and running even virtual reality experiences. Its big test, however, is in the realm of gaming, where frame rates and input response both have to be fast. Google’s solution? Game streaming.

The idea of streaming games isn’t new, from PlayStation Now to NVIDIA GeForce NOW. What both of these have in common is that both require you to have not so inexpensive machines to run them. Google’s Project Stream? Just a Chrome browser. Well, at least one running on a decent computer. And one with at least 25 Mbps Internet speeds.

Google opened sign ups last week and according to slayerming2 from Reddit, the beta codes have started to trickle to a lucky few. Even better, his experience with Odyssey in terms of performance was quite positive, though multi-tasking seems to still be a bit raw.

Of course, it’s still a very exclusive club and not everyone who applied to get in have been given a pass. Plus, it’s in the US only, for practical and technical reasons. But should this actually get off the ground without a hitch, it could change how games get delivered in the near future.

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