Google Plus is now on Twitter (don't panic)

So, uh, this is awkward. That social service you don't really use is on the one you probably do. Today, Google Plus opened a Twitter account. You might assume (as many did) it's a troll account, but it's not. The official Google account has retweeted their first tweet, and the Google Plus Google Plus account posted a link to their new Twitter account. It's got people wondering what's going on, but it's pretty simple: they're recruiting. In an attempt to get more traction in the social space, Plus is taking to Twitter to spread the word.

That's not hearsay; they said it themselves. When asked why they were on Twitter (on Google Plus — I know, it's confusing), the Plus account responded "there are still some folks out there that don't know just how good it is over here, so we thought we'd let them know."

It, uh, may have backfired, though. In combing through the Google Plus post responses, folks were instead vowing to use Twitter more (not instead of Plus, mind you).

Twitter folks — well, they welcome Plus with open arms.

And before you ask, this isn't some sort of widespread campaign. Google Plus also says they're "still not on Facebook".

So what does it mean? Nothing. I'm sure it'll fan the "Google Plus is dying" fire, but it's probably inconsequential. Other Google properties have a social presence outside of Plus, so why not Plus, right?

Sure. Why not.