Google Play's 'Designed for Families' tries for family-friendly apps

Google is making a push for family-friendly content in the Play Store. Today, the company is announcing Designed for Families, a new program that will allow Developers to designate their content as safe for all eyes. While the program will undoubtedly put more eyes on apps, Google is also promising apps that fall under the Designed for Families banner "will be eligible for upcoming family-focused experiences on Google Play that will help parents discover great, age-appropriate content and make more informed choices."

Developers have a series of hoops to jump through before an app is accepted into the Designated for Families program. The app must be rated ESRB Everyone, Everyone 10+, or equivalent.

If a Developer is displaying in-app ads, they must acknowledge those ads are appropriate for a child's eyes. App creators must also "accurately disclose the app's interactive elements on the content rating questionnaire", which relate to the exchange of info within the app, location sharing, and transmission of info to third-party services.

Also, Google says "Apps that target child audiences may not use Google+ Sign-In or Google Play game services as the login experience for their app."

The program should make it easier for parents to find age-appropriate content, and could lead to more than just games. It's also the second step of Google's try for a new audience; recently, YouTube Kids launched to bring family-friendly video to the forefront.

Source: Google