Google Play Wear OS apps for watches finally easier to find

Google just updated Google Play to make certain wearable-friendly apps easier to find. If you're searching Google Play on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, you'll now be able to key-in on a few new search terms. Add the terms "watch" or "watch faces" to find apps and watch faces, now even if they do not have said words in their title.

Finding apps and other software for your Wear OS (Google wearable) device on the Google Play app store hasn't exactly been an optimal experience in the past. The Play Store had all the software you could have wanted for your Wear OS device, but you'd have had to have known the exact title of your target in order to find it. This week Google's given a bit more of a push to apps and software that's ready to roll with Wear OS devices, for the greater good of the ecosystem.

If you're on the Play Store now, new curation can be seen in the "Wear OS" and "Watch Faces for Wear OS" category pages. Google also appears to have made changes to the remote install system with the Play Store, making it simpler for the user to see whether an app is compatible with their unique Wear OS device. This remote install system still seems to be relegated to the smartphone app version of the Play Store – but we shall see if it'll work on desktop machines in web browsers too – cross your fingers!

Per Google Community Manager Jules, the Play Store on Wear OS devices – the watches themselves – will also be getting a design update. "Based on the principles of Material You, the new design simplifies the experience of navigating the small surface area of a watch face," said Jules. " Important information is placed in cards, which makes it comfortable to read and make a selection."

If you're using a Wear OS device now, you'll want to make sure your device is running "Wear OS by Google" version 2.0 (2.x and up) and you'll see an update for this latest design upgrade "in the coming weeks."

Do you own a Wear OS device? Have you found the Google Play Store app and software purchase and acquisition process wanting? What would you suggest be done to make the experience better?