Google Play updates dev policy center to boost transparency

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 1, 2016
Google Play updates dev policy center to boost transparency

The Google Play Developer Policy Center has been updated to provide better transparency to developers, Google has announced. Google says its redesigned Policy Center better provides developers with clear and transparent policy details, doing so with thematic organization, expanded details on policy enforcement, more detailed guidelines, and more. With it all comes a Material Design level of polish.

Google cites feedback from developers as part of the reason for the redesign, saying it will help Android devs avoid ‘accidental pitfalls.’ Part of that involves the addition of detailed guidelines that lay out the “most common violations” Android developers have to deal wth, as well as visual examples to help drive it all home.

In order to help settle violations, the updated policy center also includes more details on the company’s policy enforcement. The aforementioned thematic organization of the various policies aids in this, reducing the amount of time and hassle involved in hunting down a particular policy and its related foundational principles.

As you can see in the GIF above, the redesign is based on Material Design, which will make it easier for mobile users to find information. This is the latest effort on Google’s part to boost Android developers’ experiences. Check out the timeline below for more Google news!

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