Google Play update gives users option of forcing password for every purchase

One of the biggest complaints that Android and iOS users have about the way the iOS App Store and Google Play works is with how purchases are made. While an adult is responsible enough to know that an app or in-game purchase requires real money, children aren't. This has resulted in an outcry from parents whose kids have racked up big charges on various app stores for purchases without permission.Google has now announced an update to the Google Play store that gives people more control over how often a password is required to be entered. The options include never, every 30 minutes, and for every purchase. I like the idea of never having to enter the password for a user who has no kids playing their device.

If you do have kids or on a kid's phone, requiring a password to be entered every time a purchase is made is a good thing. That will keep kids from unknowingly racking up a big bill. The store also now adds the in app purchase indicator directly in the permissions window.

The Settings and Help menus of the store are also now separate. Another change with the update changes the 'Auto-add widgets" option to "Add icon to home screen." The new update brings the Google Play Store to version 4.6.16 and is seeing a staggered rollout now.

SOURCE: Android Community