Google Play Store will soon show app ratings tailored to users' devices

App ratings are an important way for consumers to support others in their search for the perfect app, but these ratings aren't always useful for everyone. Someone who has a low-end tablet, for example, may experience issues running an app that someone who has a high-end phone wouldn't experience. To address this, Google says it will soon adjust app ratings to reflect the types of devices relevant to each user.

If you've ever downloaded an app from the Play Store that had some low ratings about bugs and glitches only to discover that it runs perfectly on your own device, you may have encountered the situation that arises when one app is available for multiple device form factors.

Google addressed this issue on its Android Developers blog today, revealing that it will soon show app ratings based on the type of device the user installed the app on, helping users find the right apps.

Starting in early 2022, Play Store users will see app ratings that reflect the experiences of other users on similar devices. If you're browsing apps from a Chromebook, for example, you'll see app ratings submitted by other users who installed the app on a Chromebook.

The same goes for other form factors ranging from Wear OS to foldables. Google notes in its blog that growth among tablet users has been 'very strong,' encouraging developers to potentially update their apps to run optimally on the types of devices consumers are using.

Any developer who will experience an app rating change of more than 0.2 stars will be given at least a 10-week heads up from Google before the adjusted ratings go live, giving the devs a chance to update their apps if they believe it is necessary. Meanwhile, Google Play Store will also start showing ratings based on the user's location in November.