Google Play Store update: APK flat as Android L

Overnight the newest Material Design-friendly Google Play has come across the early release boards ready for installation. This app will be ready for download by most users on the newest versions of Android immediately if not soon. It'll be coming with an extra-flat design consistent with the rest of Android L, the system you'll be getting on the newest smartphones over the next year. Or on forward-thinking smartphones you've purchased over the past year that've promised an Android L update as you please, thank you.

Android User Interface Engineer Kirill Grouchnikov has provided us with a couple of awesome bits – a retrospective of icons for the Google Play store starting with Android Market and coming up with the final design – or the most recent design, that is to say.

Grouchnikov also shares this image which shows the new scrolling effect shown throughout the Google Play app store, movies, music, and all that good stuff.

One of the key updates to this system is the movement of "What's New" a whole lot higher in app listings. This is good for everyone – developers get to show off what they've done most recently, and users can see what they're in for.

Above you'll see three shots of the app store before this update, and below you'll see three shots after the update.

For those of you that want this app as quick as possible, you can head over to APK mirror to nab it. That's via Android Police where they've done a bit more investigation, as well.