Google Play Store update allows developers to reply to all review

Google's been slowly making changes to their Play Store for the better, and today they've finally added one that thousands of developers have been requesting. This feature actually was released back in June for select "top developers" but today they've rolled out an update allowing all developers to reply to user comments and review.

Now all developers in the Google Play Store will be able to respond to any and all comments or reviews on Google Play. Previously only Top Developer Badge holders had this privilege, but now you'll all enjoy it. The beta tag for this test feature has been removed and now all developers can offer an entirely new level of one-on-one support.

This is both a good and bad thing. For one developers will now be able to respond directly to claims and comments on their apps, as well as help out all those 1-star votes that shouldn't be there. On the flip side we can see people purposely leaving 1-star reviews to get a quicker reply from the developer team. At least now users will be cautious since their review is tied to their Google+ account.

Now when a user doesn't understand a simple feature and leaves a 1-star review in frustration, developers will be able to quickly and effectively change their minds and get the rating they deserve. This is rolling out in stages, so check your developer console as it should be appearing shortly. It also looks like Google's added the Android 4.0 Roboto font to the Web Play Store, so it looks a bit nicer as well.

[via Android Community]