Google Play Store gets its own Free App of the Week section

Who doesn't like free? Especially in the world of mobile apps, free apps, or even freemium ones, have a strong pull. Google's Play Store has lots of free apps and games but it's also notorious for having tons of low-quality, even deceptive, entries. That is probably why Google has created its own curated and recommended section for free apps. But there's one catch: its highlighted app will only be free for a week.

Free apps of the week isn't exactly a novel idea. Apple's iTunes App Store has long had one. Some game distribution stores even have their own. Google, however, has so far never jumped on board that train, at least until now. And, even then, to a somewhat limited degree.

Users have started reporting noticing a new Free App of the Week section in the Android app store. This week's pioneering entry is Card Wars – Adventure Time. The name says it all, with the game being a tongue-in-cheek version of popular card battling games that have recently also become popular on mobile devices.

Card Wars – Adventure time normally costs $2.99, which some except Adventure Time fans might balk at. But for a limited time, you can install it for free. But you probably wouldn't have known that unless you happen to have stumbled on this still mostly hidden feature.

Google Play Store's Free App of the Week is still visible only for some select markets, which will probably hurt the discovery of whatever app gets the honor of landing there. Curiously, though, the app or game itself is still free, even if you can't see the new section.

SOURCE: Google Play Store