Google Play Pass update enables $30 tier, new games

Google announced a series of updates to Google Play Pass, including a new way to subscribe that cuts costs for long-term users. Google Play Pass is a subscription service that allows users to download and play hundreds of games and apps with no advertisements or in-app purchases. The latest version of the service enables a per-year subscription cost.

Google Play Pass is a subscription system that allows users to download and play a collection of apps that'd normally cost a single price to purchase. It's sort of like the subscription music services like Spotify, or the subscription streaming video systems like Netflix or Hulu. But here, it's on Android, and it's all about games. Apple has a similar service by the name of Apple Arcade.

The latest update to Google Play Pass adds a set of Sesame Workshop, Learny Land, and other kid-friendly apps and games. Users will find these new kid-friendly items in "Apps and games for kids" with a "Teacher approved" badge. Google also announced that "over the past few months" they've added "over 150 new titles" to the Play Pass catalog.

Above you'll see a video released by Google called "New on Google Play Pass." This video was first released by Google on July 13, 2020. There you'll see a diverse collection of games that've been added to the mix in the very recent past.

Google Play Pass was also released beyond its first collection of launch regions this month. Now Google Play Pass works on Android devices in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, the UK, Spain, and New Zealand.

Google Play Pass previously only included a monthly tier. Now there's a version of the service that's approximately $30 per year, billed annually. Users that are already subscribed to Google Play Pass with a monthly cost can upgrade with relative ease. Open the Play Store app, open the Play Pass tab, scroll down to Upgrade to a yearly subscription, and go for it.