Google Play Music teases new podcasts portal

Podcasts are all the rage lately, and they partly have Serial to thank. Following the resurgence in popularity, we've seen music services increasingly advertise offering them, and now Google is getting into the mix. Today, the company announced that podcasts will soon be arriving on Google Play Music; the audio shows will have their own dedicated portal, which is currently up for podcasters to access.

Podcasts span a variety of topics, and many of them enjoy large fan bases. Google has thumbnails for several well known series up on its podcast portal, teasing what users can expect. Shown is Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Stuff You Should Know, and more.

According to Google, it is presently working with more than a dozen well known podcasters to get their shows on the service. That number will no doubt expand quickly, not the least of which being due to smaller podcasters uploading their content. You have to be in the United States to upload, however.

Google says it'll be releasing more details "in coming months," making it seem the podcasts won't be showing up in the near future; the website merely lists them as "coming soon." If you have your own podcast and want to get it on the service, you can access Google Play Music's podcast portal now, as well as related support documents.

SOURCE: Android Official Blog