Google Play Music gains AirPlay with one tiny hack

There's a team of developers over at doubleTwist that want to let you enjoy your music wherever you go, on whatever device you've got. To do this, they've developed their own suite of apps that we've been following for several years. Today they've released an app which works on Android devices to allow AirPlay music streaming – Apple's AirPlay, that is – to work with Google Play Music.

For this to work, unfortunate for those of you unwilling to hack, this setup requires that your device be rooted. If you're unwilling to root your Android device – or have no idea what that means – we recommend you turn back now.

For those of you on the willing end, doubleTwist AirPlay for Android is a package you're going to want to look into. It utilizes the same API Google made for Android for the ill-fated Nexus Q, then brought forth for Chromecast much more recently.

With this software, users will have to install, launch Google Play Music, and tap the Cast (streaming) button. Once you've done this, you'll see the option to grant root access to doubleTwist's software – do this, then force stop Google Play Music.

Relaunching Google Play Music at this point will allow you to work with your Google Play Music collection with AirPlay anywhere on your network. Sound simple enough? Give it a go – at your own risk!

VIA: DoubleTwist