Google Play Music billboard has 13K headphone jacks and plays 35M tracks

Google has an interactive display installed in the square by Parco in Shibuya Japan that will be there until October 24. The billboard looks mire like a popup kiosk or big rig trailer that was left behind than you would expect of a billboard. The words on the front are spelled out with dots that surround headphone jacks.

There are over 13,000 headphone ports on the billboard letting a giant crowd listen to the tunes that can be played at one time. Speaking of tunes, the billboard has 35 million different tracks inside that people can listen to. You could stand there for days and never hear the same song twice.

The way the billboard works, you don't get to choose exactly what track you hear. Different tracks are being played from each of the 13,000 headphone ports, if you want to hear a different song, you plug into a different port.

The interactive billboard is being used to promote Google Play Music, which launched in Japan in September. People who like what they hear from the billboard could sign up for the music service at a discounted rate through October 18, so yeah, you missed the discount.

SOURCE: Japan Trends