Google Play Movies & TV now supports Apple TV, cellular streaming

JC Torres - Dec 11, 2015, 3:00am CST
Google Play Movies & TV now supports Apple TV, cellular streaming

Just because it isn’t its native platform doesn’t mean Google is giving iOS users the short end of the figurative stick when it comes to accessing content. Unlike some other retailer who seemingly wants to kick out rival devices from its shelves. Google has just pushed an update to its Google Play Movies & TV app for iOS, not Android, that adds some interesting and useful, not to mention timely, features, like direct support for Apple TV as well as streaming over cellular data connections.

It has, of course, been possible course Google Play Movies to the Apple TV, but that involved juggling between Google’s app and iOS’ AirPlay settings. With the update, however, the Play Movies app gets direct AirPlay support so you won’t have to switch away from the app. Just start watching your video and their AirPlay it to your Apple TV.

The app also gains support for streaming when not connected via Wi-Fi. This is a handy feature when on the road and you only have cellular connections available to you. Of course, considering you are streaming over 4G (or 3G), you should probably be mindful of your data consumption.

The update also adds some smaller but still useful features, like the ability to add videos to a wishlist., You can also see some of Google’s recommendations based on your own purchase and viewing history.

The new Google Play Movies & TV app, version 2.0.7910, should be rolling out now to users. The Apple TV integration works only with 3rd gen or later Apple TV units that should be running at least software version 7.0 or later.

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