Google Play might've just given you a 5-dollar credit

Starting today, Google's giving a bunch of Google Play credit away to everyday users such as yourself. If you happen to have purchased a Google Pixel 3, all the better – there's a separate promotion that's going on right this minute with an additional $2 in the mix. It would seem that it's down to luck whether you get the non-Pixel credit thus far.

As it is with most things like this, Google's allowing users to make use of this credit over a long period of time. IF people claim their credit within the next several days, said credit will be good through November of the year 2020. That's quite a while to decide on a several-dollar app. UPDATE: If you're getting the Pixel 3 credit, the expiration is, instead, the 5th of December – so get at it!

This credit can apparently be used to purchase any sort of media on the Google Play store. This does not include subscription costs, and it will not be transferrable out of the credit category. You can't turn this into cash, no matter how hard you try.

Users were surprised to find this lil' credit popping up in their Google Play new games and apps feed this morning. As mentioned by Android Police, users found several different amounts, with no apparent rhyme or reason as to which amount was given why. Checking is the only way you'll find out – assuming you don't have a Pixel 3.

If you DO have a Pixel 3, it would seem that you're stuck with the $2 credit from Google Play. If you own any other Android device, you could be getting 2, 3, 4, or $5 in credit. You'll need to open your Google Play app store app to see where you're at.

On this Google Pixel 3 I have on my desk, I was able to see the $2 credit just a couple of swipes down from the top row of apps. This should be the same location you'll find a panel of similar size and contents. Let us know what you find!