Google Play may hawk certain flicks

Shane McGlaun - Mar 23, 2012
Google Play may hawk certain flicks

I’m still not sure how I feel about the Android Market being called Google Play. However, I do think it’s a good idea for Google Play to offer some movie titles for purchase. Play offers numerous movie titles for rent already in standard definition or HD versions. Titles generally rent for around five bucks at most. Many movie fans like to have films with them wherever they go and resort to either ripping DVDs and tossing them on their tablets and smartphones or buying versions that come with free digital copies.

iTunes sells movies for Apple users, and CNET reports that Google executives are now speaking to some movie studios about offering the ability to purchase some movie titles to Android users. I’m not sure why Google would have resisted the ability to sell movies, which only makes sense so fans can buy popular movies via Google Play rather than other sources. Apparently, one reason Google is considering this is it has become a condition for some Hollywood studios.

Reports claim that some Hollywood studios are requiring Google to agree to sell video titles as a condition to access them for streaming rentals. One insider is claiming that the sales of movies via Google Play could start as early as the summer. Big changes are afoot with Play including some tweaks to the music area along with the recent name change and addition of Google’s e-book to music into Play. One caveat is that movie sales on Android devices are said to be low according to sources. However, I think that could be because Google doesn’t offer movies are purchased directly at something that be comfortable using secondary sources.

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