Google Play developer console gains Beta Roll-outs and Analytics insight

This week at Google I/O 2013, Ellie Powers stood on stage to speak about Google Play's advancements for developers. Several different updates have been made for the developer on the back-end of the store, allowing them to take their publishing of apps to a new level. The first of these updates comes with a built-in App Translation Services feature.

With App Translation Services, developers will be able to purchase translation services straight through Google Play. A translation company will translate text through the developer's own set of APK strings, paying through Google as with all other systems inside the Google Play store.

Referral Tracking was also added go Google Play's back-end for developers. Google Play will be showing the user how and from where users are coming from, much like Google Analytics shows how, from where, and why visitors come to webpages. This system allows many of the systems – lots, if not all the metrics available in Analytics will be available in one single place – the developer console.

A system called Fortune Teller will also be part of this Referral Tracking environment, allowing the developer to gain a better understanding of where their cash comes from. Staged Roll-outs are also coming this week for developers – Beta Testing included.

This whole system will be rolling out to developers starting this week – stay tuned while we're here all week at Google I/O 2013 through our own Google I/O tag portal!