Google Play carrier billing hits Multimedia

Those of you looking for an easier and much more addictive way to purchase software and media from Google, that time has come, and it's come with carrier billing. While several carriers have allowed Google Play App Store purchases to be added to phone bills in the past, this program has been extended today to several new pieces of media that've been in the Google Play store now for some time. This way you'll not have to give your credit card number to Google at all if you don't want to.

In the USA we're talking about every major carrier except for Verizon, while across the earth we've got such big names as T-Mobile International, Vodafone, and Docomo. You'll have your mobile data bill attached to your Google Play market at checkout as a new option popping up this month. If you have not seen this option showing up, it's likely you'll just have to wait a few hours or maybe even days before you get to dash out the cash via that one bill instead of two.

What this means for Google Wallet (your other option) is not a whole lot – as it appears now, Google is a lot more interested in getting your cash as easy as possible for the goods and services they offer through Google Play. This over making sure they get an additional cut via Google Wallet, of course. Have a peek at the graph above to see the full layout of where you'll be paying for what with what, and head to the timeline below to see all the Play we've got to offer.

[via Android Community]