Google Play app is getting a Material Design upgrade

The Google Play Store app is set to see an upgrade soon, and it's going to be a good one. This time around, Android users will see a whole lot if Material Design. From shadows to animation, the experience is about to get a lot bolder and brighter across the board. There will also be a portal to manage your account much easier, and the ability to add or change payment options, buy/redeem Google Play credit, or use PayPal.

Of special note to Android enthusiasts is the promise of consistent animations throughout. The Material Design fingerprint is likely going to be felt all the way up and down the Play Store now, which if you're a dedicated Android fan — you know how frustrating it's been.

Real-time card shadowing is also coming to the Play Store, though that's a function of Material Design more than anything else. That feature is for Android L and above, obviously, since that's where Material Design finds its home.

According to the engineer who shared details on the new Play Store, we'll also see "consistent visuals and scrolling" in the My Apps section. It also looks as though you'll get a complete order history this time around. We hope that relates to in-app purchases, too.

Adding to the aesthetic punch is a full-screen-height drawer. We're not sure what else has been baked in, but if you're a fan of Android's Material Design, you'll probably enjoy it.

Source: Google+