Google Plans On Building 1Gbps Broadband Network At Stanford University

Google's aspirations are never small. They aim high, and sometimes they tend to hit the mark. The company's aspirations to create a 1Gbps broadband network seems to have localized on one area of the United States. Word has it that Google is planning on creating a 1Gbps broadband network at Stanford University. As is usual for a Google roll-out, the network is a large experiment, encompassing only a certain amount of area and homes.

According to the report, Google's experimental run of a 1Gbps broadband network will cover 850 homes on the Stanford University campus' Residential Subdivision. Google, not wanting to waste any time, plans on starting the installation of the network early in 2011. Interestingly enough, though, Google says that this experiment has nothing to do with the "Fiber for Communities" project that Google announced at the beginning of the year, which would see the same speeds installed across the United States.

As of right now, Google seems to be in the planning stages. With the installation process still a few months out, there's no need for Google to rush into the experiment. This will be the company's way of showing what a 1Gbps broadband network can do, so this will be the Betas of all Betas for Google.

[via Google Blog]