Google places strict NDA on Project Glass Hackathon events

Eric Abent - Jan 25, 2013, 6:39pm CST
Google places strict NDA on Project Glass Hackathon events

There’s understandably a huge amount of buzz surrounding Google’s Project Glass, and the fact that the company is holding two developer events at the end of the month isn’t helping to quell the excitement. Sadly, if you were waiting for all kinds of details to come out of these developer events, we’ve got some sour news for you. Google has placed a rather strict non-disclosure agreement on the event, and everyone who attends will have to sign one.

Obviously, this means that those who are in attendance won’t be able to talk about what they saw while they were at the event, but Google has placed a few additional restrictions we don’t always see in non-disclosure agreements. Any photos or video attendees take while at the events become the property of Google, so there probably aren’t going to be very many pictures floating around after the events take place.

ReadWriteWeb points out that developers at the show won’t even get to use their own Google+ profiles to test out Project Glass. Instead, Google will supply special developer accounts for them to use, and you can bet that those will be all locked up as well. In short, Google wants to keep as much information about Project Glass under wraps as it can, and we’re thinking there won’t be many developers willing to leak information while their names are on these strict NDAs.

Interestingly enough, it seems that some people attending the “Glass Foundry” might be able to take a Google Glass device home with them for additional testing. Of course, that doesn’t invalidate the NDA in any way, but it’s exciting to think that some people might be leaving the event with Project Glass in-hand. In any case, it seems that those craving more details on Project Glass will have to wait even longer, as you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone willing to share new information after these events wrap up.

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