Google Pixelbook gets a holiday discount and a free Google Home

JC Torres - Dec 18, 2017, 4:06 am CDT
Google Pixelbook gets a holiday discount and a free Google Home

Some people hold off on hot new purchases until the end of the year and for good reason. Depending on where you live, that’s the time when prices, even for shiny new products, tend to shave off a few digits. And in some cases, those precious digits are all that’s needed to make something nearly perfect. That might be the case with the Chrome OS Pixelbook, which has just gotten a $100 cut. And, depending on where you buy it, it might come with a free Google Home smart speaker too.

Unlike the rest of the brood, Google’s Chromebooks are often more high-end but also a lot more expensive. The newest Pixelbook is one shining example. Bearing hardware fit for premium laptops, with a stylus to boot, the Pixelbook also carries a $999 price tag that will make some balk, despite how good looking the Chrome OS notebook is.

In time for the holidays, however, Google and its retail partners will be selling the Pixelbook for less. That is, $899 instead of the $999. Yes, it’s still too high for comfort, but it might give some would-be buyers the push they need to make the purchase.

Want another push? How about a free Google Home speaker? Not everyone needs the newest, biggest, and most expensive Google Home Max and the Google Home Mini might be more trouble than it’s worth. So if you’re getting one for free, it might as well be an original Google Home.

But beware! The $100 discount and free Google Home will only be offered from these three sellers:

Google Store
B&H Photo
Best Buy

On the other hand, these two do offer the $100 discount but without the freebie:


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