Google Pixel survives 30 minutes fully submerged in water

The Google Pixel isn't terribly water resistant in any official capacity with a rating of IP53, which is one of the downsides in comparison to other high-end competing handsets. Someone recently did a water test, though, and found that Google's new smartphone held up pretty well to water exposure, including water submersion. Of course, we're only seeing the short-term effects and not what problems may appear later, so don't try this at home, folks.

The test you see in the video below involves a trio of exposure scenarios, one spritzing the phone with water from what appeared to be a spray bottle, another submerging it somewhat in a puddle for a little while, and then another involving dunking it in a bowl of water for half an hour. Spoiler alert: the Google Pixel survives all three.

The Pixel appears to be working perfectly fine after spending some time in the bowl, with the screen working well and there being no sign of water damage (though he didn't specify whether the camera lens survived without moisture). Of course, you don't want to get your phone wet, and don't think Google's lying when it says the phone only has an IP53 rating.

There's a good chance this phone will develop some issues later on related to the water exposure, something anyone who has gotten a non-resistant phone wet — only to experience phantom screen taps and charging problems later on — can tell you. Even if this phone does ultimately survive unscathed, that doesn't mean your phone will survive its own dunking — especially if it's in a more serious scenario, such as you falling into a swimming pool with the phone in your pocket.