Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro leaks begin today

Today the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro were leaked with some designs that should throw you for a loop. Both devices look to have a single centered punch-hole display and a surprisingly daring industrial design around back. Both machines seem to have a camera bump on their back that's a sort of bridge from one side to the other.

Both machines look like they'll have the same significant bridge design on their back, complete with LED flash and at least two camera lenses. The standard Google Pixel 6 will likely have two cameras on its back, while the Google Pixel 6 Pro will have three. It's not yet immediately clear what these camera arrays will include in the way of features, but it's probably safe to expect they'll out-do their predecessors.

Leaks today come from Front Page Tech with assistance by RendersByIan. Jon Prosser spoke in a video about the devices, showing the devices three different color combinations. The Google Pixel 6 would appear to be coming in a color combination with a black rim, black bridge on the back, white bottom back section, and bright orange top back section, with bright orange G Google logo.

The Google Pixek 6 Pro appears in this leak in two color combinations. One is very similar to the one and only color combo for the Google Pixel 6. Instead of a white bottom back section, this larger Pixel 6 Pro appears with a very light orange back bottom section. The Google Pixel 6 Pro also appears in a color combo with an off-white bottom back and champagne-colored accents.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro appears to have a larger top back section than the Google Pixel 6 in this set of leaks, but the bridge itself appears to be effectively the same size. It's quite likely that the two cameras on the Pixel 6 are the same as the first two cameras on the Pixel 6 Pro.

Stick around as we take a closer look at these devices over the next few weeks and months. It's likely Google will release these new Google Pixel devices in October of 2021 at the latest. The odd schedule resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and the changes through 2020 may make this regular point of entry change – but we shall see!