Google Pixel 4a "Lorem Ipsum" puzzle reveals the fun

Today we're taking a peek at the Google Pixel 4a courtesy of Google's social media team. They've created what, at first, looks like a webpage made as a placeholder for a future launch of the next Google phone. Upon closer inspection, it's actually a puzzle. You'll also find various Google Pixel social media accounts revealing the site and pointing users toward the hype.

If you're looking at the website and drop right in to the source with a system like Inspect Element, you'll see a message from Google: "What are you looking at" – that'll be the indicator we needed to investigate top to bottom. There's a puzzle in the blanked-out spaces above the blanked-out phone.

The blanked-out spaces change colors with each click or tap. If you switch the colors to the following combination, they'll change into words: Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red. They'll switch to the words "Just What You've Been Waiting For", creating the sentence "The Google Just What You've Been Waiting For Phone."

Text in the webpage point toward a collection of features that are... for the most part expected, given the trajectory of the Google Pixel phone line and leaked details about the next Pixel smartphone.

• Low-light camera tech (long exposure, Google Pixel Camera HDR+ smart processing)

• longlastingis batterum Longer battery life

• megapixelum: More megapixels

• Capturing earth (?) and kids

• Backrground blurring bokeh for video chat

• Sed do eiusmod "and [I] do [figuratively] obscure" (likely video blurring)

We'll know the full story on August 3, 2020. That'll be when this round-cornered Google Pixel smartphone will be released, more than likely, by the company in a virtual event.

Google also (inadvertently) revealed a few details about the future of the Google Pixel line's cameras in the latest Google Camera app. The most recent update references motion blur, Audio Zoom, and a note about Flash Intensity. This next Pixel phone will also quite likely make a big deal about the ease with which videos captured by the phone can be shared with a short list of key apps.