Google PhotoScan finally saves to Google Photos immediately

Smartphone cameras are great at just capturing moments and breathtaking vistas, but that's not the only thing they're used for anymore. They're also being used to capture notes, whiteboards, documents, and, ironically, printed photos. Google even has a dedicated app for that last bit called PhotoScan, a scanner for photos. Although useful for some, it had one odd behavior. It didn't immediately save your scanned and edited photos. Now that changes in version 1.5, bringing with it a much needed Google Photos integration.

By now, we are used to how phone cameras work. We take a photo and the photo is immediately saved to the gallery. If we want to delete that photo, we have to go to gallery and delete it explicitly. Can you imagine if how frustrating it would be if you had to manually save the photos first before they go to your gallery?

In a way, that was how PhotoScan worked. That said, it did batch up the photos you took and presented them all to you for you to pick and choose which ones to save. That, however, was cumbersome and was prone to losing photos in case of a crash or other unintended event.

That changes now and every photo you take with the app is automatically stored in Google Photos. But even better, the app itself now has its own gallery so you can save the photos you do want to work on separately.

The update also brings some new editing features, like being able to drag the corners to straighten the photo. You can now also drag the edges in order to crop the photo. All in all, Google PhotoScan should now be more user-friendly for those who haven't yet hopped on to a similar app, like Microsoft's Office Lens.