Google Photos update adds a usable video editor at last

Today Google revealed they'd be adding a video editor to their Google Photos app, at long last. The Google Photos app for Android will add "granular adjustment" abilities for videos in the very near future. Per Google Photos Product Manager Zachary Senzer, "Today we're adding even more editing capabilities to Google Photos so you can easily fine-tune your memories – no expertise needed."

The new video editor will allow users to change the way the video looks in a wide variety of ways. There's a way to crop and straighten a video. There's a set of edits for brightness, for contrast, saturation, and warmth.

You'll also apprently be able to "change perspective" in your videos. There are new filters, including Metro, West, Eiffel, Vivid, and more. Adjustments include Black Point, White Point, and Shadows too.

This editor allows the user to remove sound and to export the video with a frame. This might well be the biggest addition to the app since it allowed uploading photos and videos to the cloud.

The video editing features will appear on iOS devices right this minute – or very soon, if you can't already see the update now. If you're using an Android device, you'll see this update "in the coming weeks." Google also suggested that iOS users of Google Photos will get a new "redesigned editor" in the coming months.