Google Photos suggests to archive photos of receipts, docs

While people love taking photos with their smartphones, not everything we capture would probably fit in what many would consider "photographs". Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones, it has never been easier to capture anything and everything, which means you eventually accumulate cruft in your photo albums. Thankfully, Google Photos, with some intelligent help from Google Assistant, can now suggests which of your photos you may want to archive and which ones to keep on your phone for quick access.

Our propensity to take a photo of anything and everything is really only limited by the amount of storage space we have on our phones. Even with automatic cloud backups, there will still be some photos we'd want to always have at hand, ready to show off to anyone willing to listen.

And then there are the photos that we take more for documentation or reference. Photos of documents, receipts, whiteboards, and the like fall under this category. Depending on their purpose or date, you might not need to look at them again until a much later date.

Using a pinch of computer vision and machine learning, Google Photos' Assistant integration can identify these types of photos for you and suggest that you archive them. Once archived, you can reach them again later in the dedicated Archive section of the app.

Of course, you don't have to take Assistant's word for it. You can completely ignore the suggestion or pick out those that you do think deserve to have a vacation in the Archives. It's definitely a useful feature when you have a few dozen such documents buried under hundreds of vacation and family photos.

SOURCE: +Google Photos