Google Photos shared albums get comment support

Google is updating Photos with a couple of new features, the most notable of which is the ability to leave comments on shared albums. Shared albums, of course, are photo albums that more than one person have access to; anyone with whom the album was shared can add their own photos to it, making the commenting feature a welcomed addition. As of now, users who are part of the album can leave a comment for the album itself or a specific photograph within it.

The commenting feature, while a simple enough addition to the service, makes it quite a bit more attractive for the largely social, communicative digital users who have many, many photo-storage services to choose from. Whereas before commentary would have to be sent through Hangouts or something else, saying something about a shared album is as simple as leaving a comment.

Google has also added 'smart suggestions,' a function that suggests photos Google thinks you may want to add to a shared album. A recent statement by Google Photos suggests the feature will pick out the higher-quality images amount groups of similar photos — if you're at a party, for example, and snap a ton of pictures, smart suggestions will hunt down the best ones and suggest you share them.

The features are rolling out now — some users will be seeing them right now — and they're heading to desktop, iOS, and Android. Those who use mobile will need to be running version 1.10 if they're on iOS, or version 1.20 if they're on Android.

SOURCE: Google