Google Photos' Locked Folder feature will arrive for all Android users soon

Android users will soon get access to a special Google Photos feature that was previously only available to Pixel users: Locked Folder. The feature aims to replace those shady apps used to hide photos and videos from nosy people, bringing with it the benefit of having your more sensitive media backed up to the cloud.

Google announced Locked Folder back in May during its I/O event. The feature is limited only to the Pixel 3 and higher, however, leaving the rest of the Android universe to utilize similar products from device manufacturers or third-party developers. That will change soon, the company revealed in a brief announcement on its blog.

According to Google, it will roll out the Locked Folder feature to all Android users soon, assuming you're not still using an ancient version of the mobile OS. What is Locked Folder? Put simply, it's a special folder in Google Photos that users can secure with a password or biometrics like a fingerprint to restrict access.

As well, Locked Folder content isn't presented in memories, Photos grids, albums, or in search results. This is because, presumably, the Locked Folder will be used to store very personal videos and images that users want to keep hidden from all but authorized individuals. You can use your imagination about what that content may be.

Once the feature rolls out to everyone, you'll be able to open Google Photos on your phone or tablet, then go into the Library > Utilities menu. A new option called "Locked Folder" should be present in Utilities; tap the option titled "Set up Locked Folder" to create your secured folder. Videos and images can be moved into the folder after it is created.