Google+ Photos is over: export while you can

This afternoon Google made the official move to shut down Google+ Photos once and for all. This move comes soon after the opening of the doors to Google Photos+, effectively moving the addition sign from one place to the other in the name, but making a relatively big move of their Photos business in the process. For people still using Google+ Photos with the social network, there's a period of time where you'll be able to switch over the photos and videos you've got stored with the service to the new environment. Google has not yet set a deadline for movement.

While it's not likely Google would ditch the photos you have in Google+ Photos any time soon, there IS a limited time in which you'll be able to access them from your Android device. The photos will remain in Google's system for a limited period of time, during which you'll be able to access them with Google Takeout.

You've got several options here.

Option One: Do NOTHING

You can just chill. Let the photos and videos you have stored with Google+ Photos sit in a pile on Google's servers until they rot. Or until Google decides to take the drive your photos were on out and set it on fire because your photos are horrifying.

Or they'll remain on Google's servers forever, wasting space. You'll remain satisfied that Google is keeping them safe... or destroying them. Either way, not your problem.

Option Two: Move to Google Photos

You'll be moving your videos and photos to Google Photos+. Sort of. This service doesn't necessarily need the "+" at the end of it – it's a branding thing.

Google is actually migrating your photos and videos automatically. It's the same servers, really, and the same data – Google's only providing the public with a different means for access. The big change is in the app – you're going to need to download a different app and toss the old one in the garbage.

Option Two, Step Two

You can download the new Google Photos+ app via Google's Google Play app store listing for the app. There's where the app is. Download it – you might even just see an "update" button. That'll do the trick, too.

You might not even have to throw away your old Google+ Photos app, it might just be assimilated by the new Google Photos+ app. No worries!

Have a peek at our Google Photos Review from just a few weeks ago to see what you're getting into. It's a rather powerful photo and video organization platform, and it's separated from Google+. It's powerful enough to be its own brand, so it is.

Google+ Photos will be updated to Google Photos starting with Android this week, if you're not already updated, while iOS and the web will come soon after. Prepare for the exodus!