Google Photos’ 2000 image limit for albums is gone

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 28, 2017, 6:53pm CDT
Google Photos’ 2000 image limit for albums is gone

If you’re a heavy Google Photos user, good news: it appears the 2,000 image limit for albums on the service has been eradicated, or at least reduced to some degree. Users are reporting the ability to add more (in some cases, considerably more) photos to albums that have hit the previous 2,000 limit, indicating Google has silently eliminated the restriction.

Google doesn’t appear to have issued any official statements on this change, though it may do so at some point in the future. A Redditor going by the handle ‘Chaosblast’ posted a notice about the change on the Android subreddit, where s/he said that they’ve added 3,300 images to a shared album without any problem. Other users who have tried this say they’ve also successfully exceeded the limit.

There is some sort of ‘catch’ in place, in that if you try to add the images to the album from outside of the album itself, you’ll get an error once you hit the 2,000-photos mark. If you navigate within the album using the app, though, you can then add the images even if you’ve hit the 2,000 threshold, exceeding it without error.

Where the new upper limit — if there is one — lies is unknown, as is the reason for Google’s apparent removal of this restriction. The change is speculated to be the result of new sharing features that just recently went live in the app, enabling anyone to easily share content from their Google Photos albums with others.

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