Google pays homage to the Versace dress that created Google Images

JC Torres - Sep 23, 2019, 6:16am CDT
Google pays homage to the Versace dress that created Google Images

Technology and Fashion couldn’t be farther from each other but there have always been times when the two become intertwined one way or another. The most recent example is Google’s Projects Jacquard and Soli but, almost a decade ago, Google had an odd brush with fashion as well, way back in 2000 when Jennifer Lopez wore what became a highly-popular jungle dress by Versace. Now the tech giant is teaming up with the two personalities that unwittingly gave birth to one of Google Search’s most popular features: image search.

In 2000, J. Lo wore a green jungle print dress designed by famed fashion designer Donatella Versace. The dress became a sensation and people took to the young Internet, specifically Google search, to get a closer virtual look at the famous dress.

That may be no problem in today’s Web but nearly 10 years ago that was not the case. Google’s Search team quickly realized that their plain blue text links aren’t enough to meet the needs of surfers. Especially those that need to immediately see results before clicking on said links. And thus Google Images was born.

At Milan Fashion Week, Google got in touch with Donatella Versace and Jennifer Lopez herself to “update” that Jungle dress to modern standards. Which means, of course, less fabric, less green, and more brown.

That wasn’t the only presence Google had in the fashion event. It boasts of how its Tilt Brush VR app helped decorate the runway space, which was filled with screen all around. Google Assistant even made a cameo appearance to introduce the new dress that Google may be hoping will be the next Image search hit.

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