Google paying up to $100k for batch of new Wallet users

Google Wallet was, at one point, the hottest thing in mobile payment technology. You could pay for things using NFC, at least in theory. Poor support left it dormant, but the recent presence of Apple Pay is bringing it back to the mindset of users. Riding Apple Pay's coattails, Google wants people to use Wallet; so much so, they're paying you to find them new users. If you send a new user money via Google Wallet, you'll get $5 in return.

You can send any amount, too — even a penny. Once you send money to a new Google Wallet user and they claim it, Google will send you $5 via Wallet.

To claim the money, a new user will have to set up a profile, and verify their identity. That's the angle here, pure and simple: Google wants users.

It can't be just anybody, though. Both you and the new user must have US addresses, and be prepared to verify your identity. You, as the sender, will need to have a Wallet balance, too (another interesting caveat, here).

The recipient must be brand new, not a returning user. It will have to be their first time setting up Wallet.

You can invite as many people as you want, but you'll only get the $5 credit for 20 new users. If you know anyone, you might want to get crackin'. Google is only paying for the first 20,000 new users (capping the payout at $100,ooo), and only until the end of the month, so the pool of money is drying up quickly!

Source: Google