Google Patents Process For Turning Chats Into Comic Strips

If you're a Bitstrips aficionado or a fan of flicking open an old-school newspaper funnies section, a patent Google has been awarded might be right up your alley: turning conversations into digital comic strips. The information turned up in a patent detailing a process that, in terms of the social element, at least, sounds very similar to the aforementioned Bitstrips: the ability to share on social networks, with at least two users being involved in the comic.

The patent details a process that uses pre-existing conversations, such as chats, and turns them into comic strips. This conversion process can be manually initiated, it would seem, or it can take place automatically, and it must involve at least two individuals (hence, the conversation conversion aspect of it). The strip can then be opened to editing by other parties to further its life span, so to speak.

There's a bit social aspect to the comic generation idea, with Google's process detailing ways to socially share the created comics: over instant messaging, on a social network a la Facebook, a profile page, perhaps like one's Google+ profile page, or over email. The image above is one example of a sample generated chat by the process — hopefully if this comes to fruition, the resulting creations will be of a more entertaining persuasion.

Of course, this may never actually surface. There's no information about whether this is something that Google plans to create and bring to its users or just have tucked away silently in its I-own-this-patent folder, which arguably seems more probable. What do you think? Does the patent bring up flashbacks of the last batch of Bitstrips cluttering your Facebook feed, or do you look forward to sharing your knee-slapping conversations with the wider world?

VIA: Engadget