Google patent details smart contact lens-based cameras

Earlier this year, Google introduced its smart contact lenses, which function as a wearable glucose sensor that could one day aid diabetics with monitoring sugar levels. The tech giant's ambitions don't end there, however, and a patent that has surfaced shows one of its possible endeavors: contact lenses equipped with cameras.

The patent application details a very small camera that could one day be embedded into its smart contact lenses, enabling the user to take images of what they see by using a blink-based pattern. This can be done without making the contact lens too thick for comfort, and without getting in the way of one's vision.

Even better, the camera will essentially track the wearer's vision, following their gaze to take an image of what they're looking at — regardless of whether they're staring straight ahead or off to the side, for example. Furthermore, it seems Google's micro camera system could include more than one camera.

The camera system could extent to the blind, functioning as a way for them to "see" issues — an unsafe-to-cross intersection, for example — and get a warning via a connected smartphone. The camera would also be able to detect faces, which could aid a blind person in "recognizing" someone via feedback from a connected device.

VIA: 9to5Google