Google Pac-Man logo is retro-awesome

Chris Davies - May 21, 2010, 9:31 am CDT
Google Pac-Man logo is retro-awesome

Google have rolled out their latest custom logo, and it’s perhaps their best to date.  Celebrating the 30th birthday of the original Pac-Man, they’ve recreated the iconic game in a playable logo complete with audio and even a two-player mode.

To start play, hit the “Insert Coin” button (where “I’m feeling lucky” normally is to be found) and then use the arrow keys to move Pac-Man about.  Hit the button again and you get Mrs Pac-Man too, controlled by the WASD keys.

Best of all, the Pac-Man logo isn’t coded in Flash so it’s playable on your iPhone, your iPad and on other smartphone browsers that don’t support the Adobe technology.  We’ve tried it on an iPad and a Google Nexus One, and you can control Pac-Man by tapping the screen to change direction.  Google say it’ll be available for play for the next 48hrs.

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