Google opens Android Auto beta testing to all

Android users who have wanted to participate in beta testing have the opportunity to beta test Android Auto. Google has announced that anyone with an Android phone can now register to be a beta tester for Android Auto. The program will give users early access to features and updates in Android Auto before they release it to the general public.Beta testers will have the opportunity to help build a better version of Android Auto. Users will test how the new features work with their specific device and vehicle in normal use. Feedback gathered from the beta program will be used to help plan improvements for future releases of Android Auto.

Google is asking anyone who participates in the beta test program not to publicize or share features they are testing until they're fully available. Joining the beta test program requires users to go to the opt-in page to enroll. Once there, they choose "Become a tester." Users then have to go to the Play store and update the Android Auto to the beta version.

Google points out that beta testing versions can be less stable than normal versions of the app and may not work properly. Those interested in the Android Auto Beta test program might also want to sign up for other Google Beta test programs to gain early access to features for other Google apps, including Google Maps, Waze, Google app, and Google Messages.

One caveat is that users can only have one version of Android Auto installed on their phone. Anytime a beta version isn't available, program users will get the stable version of Android Auto. Users do have the ability to leave the program via the opt-out page if they desire.