Google One now backs up Android photos and MMS

With Google's many products and services, you could be forgiven for forgetting there's such a thing as Google One. Launched more than a year ago, the service offered subscribers some data storage at a price. In addition to being something like Google Drive, Google One also acted as storage backup for Android phones. Now Google is expanding the feature set a bit by covering data that is precious to Android users like their photos and multimedia messages.

Google One was a bit of an unexpected new product considering the company already offered paid Google Drive storage. But more than just a rebranding, Google One also offered a few extra perks, like family access and tie-in with Google Play promos. Google promised to eventually add more and this latest announcement is part of that fulfillment.

As part of its offering, Google One also backed up Android data. It started with the basics like contacts, text messages, and even apps. Those, however, aren't the only things that matter to Android users. With smartphones becoming veritable pocket cameras, photos and videos are sometimes even more important.

That's why Google One now includes those and more. The backup service also includes MMS, a.k.a. multimedia messages, that people might still be sending in this age of instant messages. While that definitely sounds convenient, users should mind that those multimedia files will quickly eat up their allocated space, especially when taking into consideration family sharing.

Google One is billed as the company's answer to Amazon Prime though it still has to live up to expectations with additional features and perks for subscribers. Since launching last year, this has been one of if not the only new features added to the service. Changes in the price tiers, thankfully, have also been absent.