Google Offers yanked from Play Store, App Store

If you use Google Offers to find deals in your area, those days are numbered. Offers has been pulled from the Play Store and App Store, coming on the heels of another Google shutdown. Though Google promises not to remove themselves from retail, their deal-finding app/service is gone.

A few days ago, Google decided to shutter Zavers, their middling service aimed at letting users take coupons found online into a retail establishment. The program was picked up when Google acquired Zave in 2011, and was aimed at grocery stores like Raley's and The Food Emporium.

Offers utilized that system, it seems, and has since been pulled from various app portals. Google hasn't made an official announcement on the move yet, but has vowed to keep us shopping with added services to Wallet and Search. Offers could end up being rolled into another service, or shuttered altogether. It's worth noting that anyone with a direct link to Offers can find it in the Play Store, but a search for it yields no results.

We've reached out to Google about their plans for current Offers users, specifically what they plan to do with those who have existing, unredeemed offers. Google previously issued refunds for Offers users who didn't redeem savings, so a similar approach is likely. We'll update this article accordingly should we hear back from Google.

Via: 9to5Google