Google offers speak2tweet to keep Egyptians connected

The Egyptian government has come down hard on protestors during the period of unrest within the country over the last several days. Part of the crackdown was to cut just about every form of communication that we all take for granted today. Google has announced that it has worked with some of its engineers, Twitter, and SayNow to create a service that will allow Egyptians to tweet and hear tweets using their voice.

The new service is called speak2tweet and it is available for anyone to use to hear and leave tweets. Google says that it worked with a small team of engineers, including some from SayNow, which Google purchased last week. The speak2tweet service is live right now and was built and offered for use over the weekend.

To use the service anyone can tweet by leaving a voice mail on one of several international phone numbers. The phone numbers that can be used for the tweet service are +16504194196, +390662207294, or +97316199855. Messages left at the number are instantly tweeted with the hashtag #egypt and no web connection is required. Listening to the tweets can be done b=y dialing those numbers of going to this link.