Google Offers adds new partners, new cities

The number one search engine provider today announced that Google Offers, which you may know as "not Groupon or LivingSocial," has secured a couple new partnerships that it hopes will make the platform a bit more viable in this competitive space. The daily deal site market is incredibly crowded, and only a couple are actually in the mainstream lexicon, so Google has an uphill climb.

Yes, even with all of its reach, Google hasn't managed to break into this space with any significant strength. In order to compete with the likes of LivingSocial and Groupon, sites are realizing they need to create some sort of niche. It's kind of like how you'll never be able to compete with, but if you create a dating site exclusively for a target audience, then you might get some traction.

That all applies to startups that are new to the business. If you're Google, you can just leverage what other people have done. Case in point, the company has managed to bring 11 previously independent daily deal sites under its umbrella, including 8Moms, APDailyDeals,, DoubleTakeDeals, Half Off Depot, and Morgan's Deals. It also partneres with some targeted sites like Urban Dealight and In addition to the new "daily deal network" it has built, Google also rolled out its service to four new cities – Austin, Houston, Philadelphia, and Miami.

[via VentureBeat]