Google Now will search in apps with six lines of code

Searching for content via Google Now is easy and effective, but there's a problem: it doesn't dive into your apps. You can ask all kinds of things, which get routed through Google's massive mother-brain search engine, but it fails to bring you results from apps you trust. On the Android Developers blog, Google has outlined exactly how Developers can implement search into their app, which will allow users to get in-app results for whatever that app provides, all without ever leaving Now.

In fact, all it takes is six-lines of code. Google even offers up the code, and tells Developers where to work it into their apps. Once they do, their app will find itself subject to search queries, so long as the user says the right thing.

For instance, if Yelp were to add this code, and you said "Okay, Google, search Mexican restaurants in Yelp", that's what you'd get. Yelp would open up, and Now would slip your "Mexican restaurant" search query into the app's search field, and away you go!

Is it going to automatically work? No, the app Developer needs to work the code in, but it looks to be one of the simpler functions we've seen, so this will probably catch on in a big way. Rather than fight to be noticed in Search, app Developers will have Search routed right back to them.

Source: Android