Google Now update makes cards available offline

Google Now is handy for all kinds of things, and the team is constantly working to add more to the service. One of their incoming features might be of great use to many, as cards will continue to be available when you're offline. Whether you have a signal or not, Google Now can keep you informed and up to date.

Prior to this update, some cards would become unavailable when a signal was lost, rendering the service less than useful in some scenarios. Though a calendar appointment was saved, the inability of the serive to go "fetch" it was a mis-hit, especially for those riding the subway in major metro areas.

Google Now will be cacheing your current cards for offline viewing, then syncing again when you've got a signal available. The new functionality could have more people relying on Google Now's ever-expanding list of tasks and features, too. The company recently added parking reminders for those times you leave your car at a lot and traipse around the city.

Google advises that you make sure Search is updated on your Android device, as that's where the functionality comes in. To find if you're ready for the update, go to the Play Store > My Apps, and you'll be notified if you need the update or not.

Source: Google