Google Nexus One Officially Sold Out from Store

Evan Selleck - Jul 21, 2010, 9:34 am CDT
Google Nexus One Officially Sold Out from Store

We heard a couple of days ago that the Nexus One, the first “superphone,” was going to meet its end within the official Google Phone Store; and while we assumed that it wouldn’t last long, we’re still surprised to see that it happened this fast. Just two days later, and Google’s letting everyone know that the last Nexus One has already been sent out, leaving the digital store shelves blank and uninviting.

But that doesn’t mean you’re completely without options. You just need to be near the wireless carrier KT in South Korea, or Vodafone in Europe to get your hands on one. Oh, and there’s still some chance that Google will ship them out to registered developers, so that’s another route. But, alas, you won’t be ordering it from the short-lived Google Store. Hopefully you got one when you had the chance.

[via Google]

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