Google Nexus Contraptions Lets You Play Your Way To A Nexus S

It was an exciting week discovering the new features of Google+ that is so far shaping up to be a worthy Facebook competitor. But that's not the only cool thing Google is bringing us this week. The company has just unleashed a game on YouTube called Nexus Contraptions just in time for our holiday weekend.

The Nexus Contraptions game involves bouncing Google apps into a Nexus S handset. The Google apps are represented as balls that get released one at a time from the top of the screen. You are supplied with a variety of tools including rubber bands and propellers that you can place and angle in order to get the balls to bounce into a funnel to obtain a new Nexus S.

Obstacles include blocks of wood and shelving so you'll have to get creative in how you setup your contraption to get your balls into the funnel. Plus, you're timed so you have to think fast. The slick graphics and animation make it a game that we'd love to see as an app. Go check it out here.