Google Nexus 5 leak tips two different battery sizes

A lot of information has turned up in the form of leaks over the last few days about the Google LG Nexus 5 smartphone. The service manual for the smartphone leaked earlier this week spilling most of the hardware details. Yesterday another leak showed us what the inside of the smartphone would look like. A leak having to do with pricing and battery capacity has turned up today.

The latest leak claims there will be two different battery sizes offered in the Nexus 5 devices. The leaked manuals show that there would be a version of the Nexus 5 with 16 GB of storage and a version with 32 GB of storage. The latest leak suggests that those two storage capacities will also have their own battery sizes.

The leak suggests that the 16 GB version will have a 2300 mAh internal battery. However, the 32 GB version is tipped to have a higher capacity 3000 mAh battery. This rumor definitely isn't in the confirmed stage yet. It's very strange to offer two different battery capacities that vary with the storage capacity.

On the pricing front, the 16 GB Nexus 5 with the 2300 mAh internal battery is tipped to sell for $299. The 32 GB version with the 3000 mAh internal battery is tipped to sell for $399. Presumably, both prices are assuming a two-year contract.

SOURCE: Android Community