Google News adds real time updates and Google+ comments

Google is constantly working behind the scenes to improve its services, and today it seems fate has smiled on Google News. Google has posted to its blog detailing the latest changes to Google News, which includes real time news updates, Google+ comments on news items, and a boost in the default size of images. The changes have already taken place for some, and for everyone else in the US they'll be rolling out over the next few weeks.

First up is real time news updates: it's fairly self explanatory, but once you jump onto the real time coverage page for a given topic, new stories will be indexed by Google News and the feed will update automagically.

In an effort to further push Google+ upon denizens of the internet, Google is including comment integration into news posts. Comments will be added to both the news frontpage and the real time coverage sections, with Google News pulling in comments from notable figures discussing the news on Google+. The feature will only be available to those in the US with a Google+ account.

If you don't want to see the Google+ comments, you can either log out or simply disable them via the Google News settings page. For everyone else, you should be seeing them shortly if you haven't already.

[via Google News Blog]